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Project 602 - Fourth of July Firework Cake
Project 602
(Food, fun, and the bizzare in Arizona)
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Fourth of July Firework Cake
Posted - Jul 5th, 2014 6:21pm
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I usually do some sort of flammable project for the 4th of July.  Last year I fused together a bunch of smaller fireworks to make more um... interesting ones.  This year I wanted to try an idea I've had for a while.  To make a giant fake cake and fill it with fireworks.

I'm not sure why this idea has always appealed to me.  Obviously theres some sort of childhood trauma I still need to work through.  Regardless, a trip to the local home improvement store provided the necessary materials - cardboard cement molds/tubes for the cake layers, some blank signs, a little duct tape, hot glue, tiny flags, and some spackle for frosting.

The pictures do a better job than I can of describing how to build it.  I think it tuned out pretty good! At least the cake did.... as for the fireworks, it was kind of a wash.  The original plan was for it to start at the top, then go down layer by layer to the bottom, then back up again.  It was fused to pause slightly between layers and coordinate a few things then culminate in a finale where the entire top layer would basically blow off and go nuts.   It should have lasted about 6 or 7 minutes and have been paced based on what I've learned in the last few years of doing this sort of thing.

What actually happened is that the the finale caught fire almost immediately and the whole thing went up in a giant exploding mess in about 2 minutes.  It was certainly impressive - you can see Tara starting to back off in the video as it really gets going, but it wasn't quite what I had in mind.   I'll have to give it another shot at new years or something.  Till then maybe the pics and videos will inspire someone else build a giant firework cake of their own?
Cardboard forms, plastic signs, and spackle - sounds like a cake to me! A closer look at the blank signs I used for cake-tops.  Hard to beat these for being cheap, light-weight, rigid, and easy to cut. A small square and a sharpie makes quick work of sizing. The tape makes it much easier to saw in a straight line.  The bottom layer was actually 2 sections of cardboard tubing stretched out and taped together to make a bigger tube.  All 3 tiers taped up and ready for fireworking.  The general plan here was to light these from the top down and then finish at the top for the finale. I cut holes for most of the fireworks and sunk them within the layer to make it appear more benign and cake-like.  Some tape and hot-glue kept evertying in place underneath. With evertyhing in-place, its all ready to spackle! Looked pretty cake-ish in my opinion - only took a few hours to dry. I carefully laid out the fuses to not only be timed correctly, but add some decor - this took the best part of a day to figure out. From the back you can see how it got overly complicated.  I tried to use some aluminum foil over the fuses to protect it but it just wan't enough.... fail fail fail...  A little paint and a couple of flags finished it off.  I'm so ready to try this again... might need an additional layer though.
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