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Project 602 - Halloween 2012!
Project 602
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Halloween 2012!
Posted - Oct 25th, 2012 12:47am
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So where were we?  Oh yes - Halloween.

For whatever reason - I really wanted this years party to be special.  I had a great time last year, but wanted something over the top... something that got back to the original reason I started putting on a Halloween party in the first place.  So I took a week off, scheduled the shindig a week early so that people wouldn't have to double book, and poured my heart into it.

First up, I did some serious grounds-keeping and took over 800lbs of my yard to the dump.  Next, I hired Jessica's troupe (Morning Fyre) to perform for us.  Everyone (including myself) was so blown away by her fire dancing a few years ago that I couldn't imagine another party without that.  I was nearly out of fireworks so Kellie accompanied me on a trip to Mom and Pops Pyro Shop.  Tara helped me improve my party food repertoire, and I began work on something new - a zombie shootout using airsoft guns and zombie targets that ooze when you shoot them!

Long story short - it all came out wonderfully.  Even though it was a week early, people still managed some amazing costumes.  We finally had proper party food.  The fire dancers were fantastic.  My fireworks skills continue to improve, and most importantly - the zombie shootout was a huge hit.  Folks burned though almost 6000 rounds in just a few hours reducing the targets to a mass of pink ooze and I think its something they will remember for a quite a while.

I have no clue what we'll do next year to top this, but thanks to everyone who came and made it such a great night and to my fiance for helping me make it all happen.

It wouldnt be a costume party w/o prizes.  That beer in the center was for best costume this year.  2nd prize was a 7lb steak :) Our new piano became part of the halloween decor. The spread before the wolves got to it. Tara made a mountain of guac just so we could do this :) The guests arrive! (Kellie, Amy, and Stephanie) Amy and John came as first time parents. Tara and her brother Billy Amy and her sister as Gem McCoy won first place with his cloud costume Veronica as a very convincing jellyfish Taras friends Rocco, Brittany, Kristin, and Nate all came dressed for the occasion. Tony Stark showed up Mike came all the way from canada for this picture Daniel #1 went retro Daniel #2 went futuristic Brandon and Nicole went as test subjects... er pilots We found Waldo And I played ringmaster as best I could without a whip and a chair. My favorite photo of the night. My 2nd favorite photo of the night :) There was some Gangam dancing There was some fire dancing There was also some fire breathing! This was insanely impressive You cant go wrong with spinning fireworks And of course - there was the zombie shooting area The fog chiller from last year came in handy This is what a few thousand rounds of airsoft do to one of these things. See you next year!
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