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Project 602 - The Hexayurt Project
Project 602
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The Hexayurt Project
Posted - Jul 24th, 2011 10:44am
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Part of the fun of Burning Man seems to be the build up before hand.  There is no end to the amount of time, money, and creativity people pour into this event and I think that is part of what makes it so special.

In the spirit of this - a group of us decided to build Hexayurts.  Geodesic dome like structures made out of insulation panels and tape that provide a cool and spacious living space that if done right is dust free and protected from the wind and sun exactly like a tent isn't.

Originally, these structures started out as an attempt to find a better and cheaper alternative to the kind of make-shift homes that crop up during mass evacuations and natural disasters.  Of course cheap, strong and element proof is a magic formula for Burning Man and thus the Burning Man Hexayurt was born!

We are actually making three yurts this year.  Cupp and Denny are both going to stay in the 6 foot stretch variety and I'm building the 8 foot Camp Danger Model both to sleep in, and provide a communal place to get out of the wind, dust, and sun during the heat of the day.

This has turned out to be a really fun project so far and I'll keep attaching photos to this post as we make progress on our builds.
And so it begins... This pile-o-insulation is our basis for all 3 yurts The 1 inch thick panels we chose turned out to be plenty strong After cleaning the panels you have to tape the edge of each one for strength The tape for this project was absurd.  6 inches across and tough like canvas. The full size yurt turned out to be huge - this is just the base set up in my living room And here is the roof - Brian was actually trapped under there for a biit. Each section collapsed down so you could stack it back up like they were flat boards. A rube goldberg exauhust system made from a computer fan and some ducting will hopefully keep me cool.
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